2012 Marketplace Summit Speakers

Speaker Titles & Times:

  • Vicki Norris – Awakening to Victorious Living, 7:30am-8:15am
  • Os Hillman – Change Agents in Culture, 8:30am-9:15am
  • Al Caperna -7 Areas of Preparation for Marketplace Service, 10:00am-10:45am
  • Patrice Tsague -Biblical Profit (video), 12:35pm-1:00pm
  • Wende Jones – 3 Keys to Supernatural Acceleration in Business, 1:00pm-1:30pm
  • Os Hillman – Your Spiritual and Financial Inheritance, 2:00pm-2:45pm
  • Vicki Norris -¬†Warning Labels of the Kingdom Life, 3:00pm-3:45pm

Al Caperna – Speaking At TEDx

In this talk, Al speaks about charity has not ended poverty but opportunity will.

Al is the Chairman of CMC Group, an association of companies that has been selling to retail and industrial customers in the U.S. and internationally for over 30 years. However, Al’s main goal is not just to be a success in business; it is “to embody the Christian life in business practices”. Out of this goal birthed the vision for Affirm Global Development which exists to empower entrepreneurs globally in setting up businesses and helping to end economic poverty. Al is also a member of the call2all Executive Team, where he is serving to bring awareness to the role business has in the completion of the Great Commission.

Vicki Norris

Founder and President of Restoring Order, Vicki Norris teaches you how to identify your priorities and create sustainable change in your personal organizational habits. She teaches you how to upgrade to a Kingdom lifestyle for your family and business, what has been keeping you from doing so and how you can unlock the God-designed treasure that He wants you to be for others.