National Day of Prayer BreakfastConcert of Prayer with Community Leaders
Session 1Wende Jones & Brett Johnson “Repurposing Business”
Luncheon - Member & Partner of the Year Awards & Presenting Organizations
Session 2
Julie Sies & Brett Johnson “Convergence”
Session 3Kathie Nelson & Brett Johnson “Transforming Society”


Comments from James Autry, Presenters, Awards, & Testimonies
Session 1
Vicki Norris “Awakening to Victorious Living” & Kathie Nelson
Session 2Os Hillman “Understanding Your Identity & Authority to be an Effective Change Agent” & Kathie Nelson
Session 3Al Caperna “7 Milestones to a Marketplace Calling” & Kathie Nelson
Session 4Wende Jones “3 Keys to Supernatural Acceleration n Business” & Kathie Nelson
Session 5Os Hillman “Receiving Your Spiritual & Financial Inheritance” & Kathie Nelson
Session 6Vicki Norris “Warning Labels of the Kingdom Life” & James Autry


Session 1 – Daniel Harkavy of Building Champions (Listen & PowerPoint)
Session 2 – Ford Taylor of Transformational Leadership (Listen & PowerPoint)
Session 3 – Kevin Palau of the Luis Palau Association on the Kingdom Business Forum Radio Broadcast with Patrice Tsague & Vicki Norris (Listen)

Plus eight strategic workshops scheduled in four specific tracks:


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